I will pay for the following article Kerala Tourism Board. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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I will pay for the following article Kerala Tourism Board. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. India, was a tourism destination well known for taj mahal, Fatehpur’s Sakri of Agra, the Rajasthan palaces as these attractions were maintained to partially towards enthralling the tourist who comes to India. Tourists started searching for something different other than these conventional heritage destinations and the Kerala tourism board has shown an alternative for this cause with their vibrant features showcasing Kerala in par with Bali of Indonesia. Swot analysis includes strengths: the preservation of the culture and heritage of the state is the main factor which drove Kerala distinctive to the other destinations in the world. the marketing strategy adopted. the industry support. Kerala states with maximum literacy rate in India. social indicators matching with most countries of the world. active political support. industry supportive tourism policies. conservation of the environment.

“We placed less emphasis on comfort, more on environment, experiencing local culture, cuisine, cuisine, history and the way of life of local people,” says Jose Dominic ,M.D ,KTDC . The statement was an applied absolutely in practical and due to this uniqueness it was placed at a distinctive level in the tourism map of the world.

Taj group of hotels, the “CGH earth2” was instrumental in giving tourism in Kerala a corporate look. It mobilized business travelers to choose Kerala as a viable destination for both business and leisure. Thus taj group of hotels played in promoting tourism in Kerala. The stark communications PVT ltd. a Thiruvananthapuram based communication agency was successful in promoting Kerala as an important tourist destination. The stark communications adopted a variety of marketing mix and actively projected Kerala in various international tourism fairs and campaigns.

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India being a democratic country, the bureaucracy existed in every part of the governance in most of the states. The development initiation and implementation is an uphill task the file has to fallow a long hierarchy in various departments. By the time the project initiates the investment costs rise.

The service charges on various facilities like river cruises, the accommodation were high. There is no adequate connectivity through train routes as the train route is concentrated along with the major cities but not to the tourist destinations in specific. Nightlife can be seen in five stat hotels only in selected destinations, as this option was not provided due to its relevance to an eruption of violence at night time. Kerala is not well connected through air route, international tourists have to land at the metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi. The excise duties are very enough than the other neighboring states.


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