IHCC Microbiology Rabbit Island Ebola Wars Case

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Exercise 1

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Now that you have worked through the Rabbit Island case, you are ready to think of your own experiment to find out what microbe is causing a disease outbreak. This will be an important skill when you are in the field with WHO. Discuss the method you would use to set up an experiment on an outbreak that could occur today. What data would you want to include? How would you control your variables?

Exercise 2

Work through the Khan Academy video on Viruses

Work through the tutorial section on viruses

Design and submit a concept map on what you have learned. It should include concepts and connections between concepts including:

  1. Virus structure
  2. Virus functions
  3. Transmission and Replication
  4. Types

Exercise 3

Complete the Cut and Assemble Model Viruses activity (adeno and T2 viruses)

Download the directions and pattern in the Important Documents Section.

Compare the two viruses. How are they alike? How are they different?



The instructor may use these videos/animations to help you further understand viruses:

Exercise 3:

Activity 2: Build models of viruses.

First investigate sizes and shapes of viruses if you did not do this in the Task.

Choose 3 of the viruses listed below to make 3-dimensional models. You will need to draw on your research and study of the structure of viruses to complete this activity. Remember, while some books will show a ‘generic’ model of viruses, they are actually shaped differently and have very different sizes.



Yellow Fever




Use the scale 1mm = 1nm for the models.

Use clay, pipe cleaners, paper, or other art supplies to build your models.

Compare your finished virus model with those you created from paper in activity 1.

Activity 3: Case Study

Complete the case study, The Ebola Wars

First, download the case study.

Second, work through the case, answering all question.

Submit pictures of all viruses constructed and the completed case study to Moodle.


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