IMPORTANT: This paper will not use “I” | This paper is NOT based on your own personal experiences; instead, it will be grounded-in our unit 2 readings & discussions Assignment & Purpose: Purpo

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IMPORTANT: This paper will not use “I” | This paper is NOT based on your own personal experiences; instead,it will be grounded-in our unit 2 readings & discussionsAssignment & Purpose:Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to give you the space to practice supporting your claims withevidence (our class discussions + our course readings), which is an important part of developing critical,written arguments.Assignment: Your task for Essay 2 is to write a 1000-word essay where you address the following question:STATE and DEFEND a stance: Should educators & educational institutions like colleges uphold andenforce “Standard American English” and encourage students to “master” it and achieve fluency inspeaking and writing according to “Standard American English” conventions? Why or Why not?VERY IMPORTANT TO DISCUSS IN YOUR ESSAY: The above question for our unit 2 essay asks you to recall ourdiscussions about the connections that exist between language standards in the “Academic DiscourseCommunity” and issues of race, class, gender, etc. As we discussed during unit 2, you’ll need to considerquestions and issues such as:* Who (what groups of people/people) might SUFFER most from upholding and enforcing SAE in schools& in what ways?*What is harmful about viewing and treating one variety of language as more “standard” or “morecorrect” than other languages? Consider: not just the way that language standards create academicdifficulties for certain people/groups of people, but also the ways that language standards canreinforce marginalization, oppression, racism, and negative views about one’s identity.* Who (what groups of people/people) might BENEFIT from educational institutions (schools) upholdingand enforcing SAE & in what ways? How might this be an act of inequality?* These questions are NOT MEANT TO BE SIMPLY ANSWERED IN SEPARATE PARAGRAPHS  they aremeant to be considered as you decide on your “stance” and reasons to defend your “stance”. Youressay should still be developed in a focused and coherent manner, with a thesis statement thatstates your claim & body paragraphs that support, develop, and connect back to that claim.What is this writing assignment asking you to do? What exactly is the “writingtask”?:1.) STATE = means you provide your “stance” on the question that you are required to answer: “Shouldeducators & educational institutions like colleges uphold and enforce “Standard American English” andencourage students to “master” it and achieve fluency in speaking and writing according to “StandardAmerican English” conventions?” IMPORTANT: Yes, you can be somewhere “in-between”; a “yes, but” (asdiscussed during unit 2).2.) DEFEND = means you support your argument and stance with evidence; prove the validity of your stancewith supporting evidence. This will address the Why or Why not? component of your prompt question.* IMPORTANT: You will support your argument by: Bringing in information and evidencefrom the discussions we have had about Standard American English, language, languagepractices, access, power, privilege, identity, race, class, etc. AND incorporating TWO of ourunit 2 course readingsOptions for readings include:* “The Problem of Linguistic Double Consciousness” by Vershawn Ashanti Young* “Academic Literacies” Ch. 7 by Rebecca Cox* “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” by Gloria Anzaldúa* “The Standard Language Myth” by Rosina Lippi-Green* “Literacy, Discourse, and Linguistics: Introduction” by James Paul Gee* You MUST incorporate 2 of the above readings into your argument* NO other outside sources are to be used in this paper – the academic sources listed above cansupport a “yes”, “no”, or “yes, but” stance very well Criteria & Requirements:* Your essay should have a clear thesis statement that makes a claim where you are taking astance/answering the question in the “red box”* The thesis statement should be the last sentence in your introduction, and every body-paragraph should connect to this thesis statement, support this thesis statement, and developthis thesis statement.* Strong topic sentences that make clear sub-claims, support the thesis statement and organize thebody paragraphs. (make sure to refer back to any PowerPoints or course materials that discuss topicsentence, thesis statements, etc. at your convenience)* Your essay should include evidence that supports your claims:*That means, you are incorporating two unit-2 course readings that help ground your claims andstances in credible, scholarly evidence. DO NOT include any other outside sources – the readings from unit 2 allow you to supportarguments for both “sides”!* Using outside sources, other than unit 2 readings, will earn a zero/re-do.* This assignment should be 1000 words in-length* Proofread/edit before submitting* MLA format (typed, double-spaced, size 12 font, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman/Arial) + workscited page included* Weeks 4; video 2 & week 5; video 2 contain MLA informationAnnotations

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