In 200-300 words define teleological ethics anddeontologicalethics, defending one of these views.

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In 200-300 words define teleological ethics anddeontologicalethics, defending one of these views. Make sure that you respond to another student’s post.Note that you must submit your post before you can see other students’ posts.Your response should be 100 words

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Students post:

When evaluating morality, there are two principles of ethical theories that can be contrasted. These theories are deontological ethics and teleological ethics. While teleological ethics focuses on moral acts in order to achieve some sort of end, deontological ethics argues that morality is an obligation and is not reducible to a creation of good consequences. Teleological ethics (coming from the Greek word “telos” meaning “goal or orientation), states that the morality of an action should be based on the consequences of the action rather be based on whether that action itself is right or wrong under a series of rules. It is a decision made based on the consequences, not a universal law.

Whereas deontological ethics (the Greek word “deon” meaning “duty”) is an approach to ethics that addresses whether the motives behind certain actions are right or wrong instead of focusing on whether the results of the action are right or wrong. A deontologist would believe that some kinds of acts are wrong even if they do sometimes have good consequences. Deontology focuses on and insists that how people accomplish their goals is usually or always more important than what they accomplish.

When examining both the teleological and deontological ethics, it can become difficult to determine which approach to follow. Certainly, the teleological approach seems to be the most appealing among the two because it allows for flexibility and qualified morals.

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