In this activity you will need to do the following: Consider that you are planning to teach a unit on a target subject area (for instance, social…

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5. Create a matrix to describe each assessment, indicate when each will be conducted, and to show the alignment of the assessments to the objectives, standards, and instructional activities. List modifications/adaptations that you would need for children with disabilities and ELLs. It is very important that you use the same pre-assessment activities for your post-assessment.

  • 6. Describe any necessary assessment modifications to meet the individual needs of students and how it meets their needs. Include comments about outcomes from consultation and discussion on modifications with the cooperating teacher or education professionals (i.e., ESOL coordinator, ESE specialist). Include examples of the modifications.

7. Conduct your pre-assessment with a small group of children and analyze the results. Graphically represent the outcomes from the pre-assessment. Include the column for “Home Language” if any of the students have home languages that are not English. Include “Developmental Delays/Disabilities” column if any of the students have a delay or disability.

  1. 8. In a narrative, comment on the results of the pre-assessment and how these will impact and guide the design and planning of instruction (As a group and individually, what did you find out about the children’s prior knowledge and skill levels? How will this influence your planning?)
  1. Comment on how your assessment plan adheres to ethical and professional guidelines. Cite at least one Code of Ethics or Code of Professional Conduct.

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Charts for assignment is attached.

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