​International Law Research Paper 7 pages

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I need only part 1 and 2 (7 pages)

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International Law

Research Paper

Your assignment is to research and analyze an international law created in response to an international issue. The purpose of the paper is to evaluate the issue area surrounding the law, and the behavior(s) of states in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the international law you have chosen.

A. Requirements

Write a 12-14 page, double-spaced, 1″ margin, typed paper, add page numbers and include a cover page (not included in the page count).

B. Sources

Include a Reference/Bibliography page and cite at least 5 different sources.

You may use scholarly journals, books, government documents and web sites (including at least one book and one journal) for your sources. Encyclopedias including internet encyclopedias (wikipedia, answers.com, etc.) are not scholarly sources and should not be used as references for your paper. Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated. All cases of plagiarism and cheating will result in disciplinary action, including an F for the assignment and possibly the class.

C. Grading

The paper will be graded on

Content (Focus, Organization, Coherence, Support, Logic and Analysis),

Research Sufficiency, and

Style (Format, Punctuation, Grammar and Citations).

All citations and bibliographies should be properly formatted using the Chicago Citation style, and use parenthetical notation for in-text citations rather than footnotes: (Author(s) Last Name, Year, pg. #).

** Keep your writing formal. Do not use contractions and slang. Avoid the use of colloquial terms such as “get” or “got”, “a lot”, “huge,” and “things.” A thesaurus can be a useful tool, but only when used correctly.

Final Paper:

Your paper must contain four parts with greatest emphasis on Part 3 and 4:

1. Briefly introduce the international law (3 pages).

a. Describe the law (is it soft or hard law, is it a treaty, case or institution, etc.)

b. Describe its purpose and how it functions.

2. Discuss the historical context for the law, include an introduction of the main states involved in its creation and an overview of why the law was created (what collective problem was the law designed to overcome). (4 pages)

3. Analyze the law’ s effectiveness. You must discuss “consent” and select at least three additional variables of effectiveness we have discussed in class, and then analyze the ability of the law to be effective based on these criteria. Your analysis should be based on your sources and your own perspective. (4-5 pages)

Discuss questions such as:

a. Can the law effectively guide or constrain the behavior of states (or institutions or individuals)?

b. Was the law correctly designed to address the collective problem? Why or why not?

c. Are there characteristics of the current international system and states that strengthen or weaken the law’s effectiveness?

4. Finally, compare and contrast your case to at least two other cases we covered in class in order to answer the questions: What would be necessary to increase the effectiveness of international law? Why? (4-5 pages)

As part of your answer, consider the following questions:

a. Why and how should states follow international law?

b. What influences the effectiveness of international law?

Use examples from lectures, readings, and the treaty simulation to substantiate your answer.


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