Introduction to Fire Safety and Law

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You are Loss Prevention Control officer of Civil Defence, Royal Oman Police, Oman. You are required to submit an inspection report to Muscat Municipality subjected on Prevention and Protection Requirements from Fire in Assemblies building* as per Building Fire Prevention and Protection requirements (BFPPR), Document no. 77/2002 by Directorate General of Civil Defense.

*Specification of the building:

The Assemblies building must be allocated occupancy for accommodating 50 persons or more for recreational, cultural, sports, presentation or the occupants have a common interest of gathering.

Note: You should not disclose the identity of the building within your report.

Guideline: You need to inspect the presence of various fire prevention and protection requirements physically referring to the Building Fire Prevention and Protection requirements (BFPPR), Document no. 77/2002 then identify them in your report with your suggestions. If you feel necessary, you may have conversation with security cum safety officer of the occupancy who maintains the Fire Safety system of the building. You are required to attach some pictures for each observation in the report (without revealing occupancy’s identity in photographs and text throughout the report). And the structure will be in form of:

– Introduction to Building Fire Prevention and Protection requirements (BFPPR), Document no. 77/2002.

– Origin and necessity of Fire Safety Laws in Oman.

– Observations (presence, condition, accessibility) of Fire Prevention and Protection systems in the occupancy (with evidence).

– Suggestions for improvement (as a primary reviewer)

– Conclusion

*** Words counts = 1500 words.

*** In-Text Citations and references using Harvard style.

*** Answer the questions/complete the tasks fully with all possible evidence for achieving

the learning outcome/s.

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