Kansas City Fire Department Received a Call from A Security Guide Question

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1. Why is the Kansas City Hazardous Materials Division called HazMat 71? What is the story behind it?

2. Explain the significance of the Hazardous Materials Identification System and explain the color codes.

3. Globally Harmonized System (write a 100+ word paragraph explaining the following in a summary format):

a. What is the Globally Harmonized System?

b. Compare it with the Hazardous Materials Identification System.

c. Changes were predicted when GHS was implemented in the USA; how does reality compare? How are we doing?

4.  What types of asbestos are out there? Which types are regulated? Which one is the most toxic and lung-damaging? You may have to do some research to answer the question.

5. SDS/MSDS sample: Explain the toxic properties of this Hazardous Material. Remember the wise words of Paracelsus, “The dose makes the poison.” There is a photo on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/382383824586808399/  or a file Humorous hazard label.jpg  Is this just humorous or truly cautionary?

6. Briefly, describe the purpose of OSHA’s Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals standard (29 CFR 1910.119).

7. Share a link to an article (any source) that talks about the HazMat issues exposed by the hurricanes of recent years. In 100 words, explain what you learned.


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