KU Physiology of Exercise Science Case Questions

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In what blood vessel is BP most frequently measured and why?

What are the Korotkoff sounds and how do they relate to the identification of systolic and diastolic BP?

What is mean arterial pressure and how is it calculated?

How does limb girth affect cuff size selection? (What happens to pressure if it is too tight or too loose)

What are the categories of BP (e.g. normal, prehypertension, etc.) and what are the SPB and DBP criteria that define them?

How is the prevalence (percentage) of hypertension in the United States affected by age and races/ethnicity?

You are working in a health and wellness center and assesing you client blood pressure. Your client has an a medical history of hypertension (HTN), Asthma and Obesity. In previous session your clinet BP has been 120/80 and 126/82 but during this session you take his BP and notice it is elevated at 135/84. He mentions that he was running late and hit traffic on the way the training session. Pleased explain from a physiology stand point as to why your clients BP is higher this session.

You are working with a eldery patient/client whom has a medical history of Hypertension (HTN), Diabetes, and took his/her medication as directed but was not drinking enough fluids during and post exercise. What is the likely cause of his collapse? (Hint: What does the medications contribute too).

You are taking the blood pressure of a client and repeatedly get 130/95 mmHg. You report her results as being hypertensive. She is offended and claims that high blood pressure is over 140 mmHg. How would you respond and what life style reccomendations would you give? Remember the classfication of HTN for SBP and DBP.


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