LAVC Anthropology Hominin Study Chart

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Identify and compare the key features that differentiate hominins from ape ancestors, and distinguish between hominin species. Note the major adaptive transitions that occur over time, leading to the suite of traits we now find in modern Homo sapiens.


Use the tables, readings, and diagrams in the Week 6 and Week 7 modules and associated Explorations chapters to fill out the Hominin Study Chart_ADA-1.docx Download Hominin Study Chart_ADA-1.docxYou will want to work on this study chart as you being reading Week 6 material, and continue filling it out using Week 7 material. It is due at the end of Week 7.

Open it in Word or Google Docs or Office 360

Fill it out on the computer using your own words and explanations. Include correct vocabulary terms from the modules.

Upload the finished document back into the assignment.

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