Leeds Metropolitan University Pasteurization Process Questions

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Discussion 4 – Hot and cold

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Pasteurization is an every day process that uses heat to kill micro organisms that

cause spoilage or disease. The time and temperature to which the product is heated

depends on the product itself. For example, in case of milk, heating to 72  o C and

holding for 15 seconds destroys pathogenic bacteria.  Pasteurized products are not

sterile, which means that they cannot be held at room temperature and need

refrigeration.  However, heat pasteurization is not suitable for all products.  For

example, dips like guacamole, hummus when heated, turn brown.  Preservatives

have garnered a negative connotation and consumers are demanding

“cleaner” products with less preservatives.  The answer to some of these problems

seems to High Pressure Processing.

High Pressure Processing uses pressures from 87000 to 10000 pounds per square

inch at low temperatures (<45  o C) to process a food. The foods are packaged in

flexible pouches and subjected to high pressures. While this pressure is lethal to

microorganisms, there is minimal effect on taste, texture, appearance and nutritional

value of the product itself.

The Prompt: What You Need to Do

Read the two assigned papers that discuss high pressure processing and some of

the barriers.  Find one more journal article on high pressure processing. Based on

your research, discuss the advantages and barriers to expanding High pressure

processing to all pasteurized products.  Once you have written your post, respond to

at least one of your classmates post and post a meaningful reply.

1. HPP- Food Technology 2008

2. High pressure is rising 

Details and Requirements: How to Get the Full Grade

for This Discussion

Please take into account the following. 

? What are the most commonly pasteurized products?

? Of these, which ones are currently processed using HPP?

? Is it possible to process fruits using HPP so that they can have a longer shelf life


? Give at least 3 reasons why using HPP would be more advantageous than

traditional heat pasteurization ?

? Explain at least 3 main barriers to using HPP universally?


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