Lesson 8 discussion

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Lesson 8: Physical Activity in Children

Step 1: Discuss the reasons behind the decline in physical activity in many young children’s lives.

Chapter 8 of Child and Adolescent Development discusses the
physical health of children, including their need for physical activity.
Yet, many children, especially those in middle childhood, do not
experience routine physical activity in or out of school environments.
Discuss all of the reasons why you think this is the case. Why, in
particular, might the decline of physical activity present problems in
middle childhood?

Step 2: Provide innovative solutions to help curb the decline of physical activity.

Think about the reasons for the decline of physical activity in
children that you provide in the first part of your post. With these
reasons and their related challenges in mind, provide innovative
solutions that can help children practice routine physical activity both
in and out of school.

Consider the following questions when constructing your response:

  • How do we help children get proper exercise within their structured school routines?
  • How do we work against policies and curriculum structures that do not value physical activity?
  • How do we help parents understand the importance of physical
    exercise and ways to help their children become more active outside of


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