Liberty University What Is 7153 in Scientific Notation Questions

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  1.  review scientific notation and significant figures in the textbook/ebook Appendix B: Math Review.
  2. To enter an answer in scientific notation in Canvas, use lower-case “e”. For example, 6.02 x 1023 would be entered as 6.02e+23. 
    1. “+” is optional for positive exponents.
    2. Do not include spaces in your answer.
  3. Do not include units in your answer (numbers only).
  4. Express answers using three significant figures

    Question 1. What is 7,153 in scientific notation?
    2. The distance from earth’s center to a satellite is 35,998,166 meters.  Express this number in scientific notation. 3. Express 0.07 in scientific notation.  4. An airplane propeller rotates at 2,375 rpm.  Express this number in scientific notation. 5. A rock sample has a mass of 0.94 kg.  Express this number in scientific notation.

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