Link to Article- Critique (one to one and one-half pages)The critique should communicate your unde

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Link to Article


Article Critique (one to one and one-half pages)

The critique should communicate your understanding of the article’s main points and offer an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, the critique should comment on the article’s usefulness to student.

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Article critiques typically adhere to the following structure:

  1. Introduction: provides an overview of the article’s purpose and main argument and offers the writer’s thesis regarding the article’s strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Summary paragraph: briefly reviews the article’s key points.
  3. Assessment paragraphs: Analyze the article’s strengths and weaknesses. In discussing strengths, the writer can point to the article’s inclusion of pertinent historical context, persuasive interpretations, thorough explication of evidence, or conclusions that apply to scenes not covered in the article. In critiquing weaknesses, the writer can examine the article’s ineffective use of evidence, inaccuracy, and unconvincing points of the article, failure to explore ideas within the scope of the main argument or disregard of ideas that contradict or would better support the article’s thesis.
  4. Conclusion: presents commentary on the article’s overall usefulness. The writer should address the extent to which the article helps students to understand the course content.

(Note: Remember to justify your analysis of strengths and weaknesses with evidence from the article. In assessing strengths, you may paraphrase compelling points or explain how the author’s ideas illuminate a particular aspect of the article. In evaluating weaknesses, you may offer contrary interpretations of the article, point to illogical passages or inaccuracies in the article, explain how the author’s evidence does not sufficiently support his or her point.

Discussion (200 words each)

1. Explain how to minimize food contamination in the early childhood setting using the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HAACP) system and standard operating procedures.

2. What if. . . you observed that children were disinterested in the menu offerings because the menus were the same every week.  What suggestions would you make to the director of food services for your program?  What resources could you use to support your point of view?

3. A group of parents is upset about the school lunch menu.  Some are concern that there are too many processed foods, not enough whole grains, and too much canned fruit instead of fresh fruit.  How would you approach this dilemma? What would you say to the parents?

4. A 4-year old in your program is obese.  His mother tells you she has placed him on a diet and he can only eat the foods she packs for him from home.  The boy cries during lunch because he can’t eat what the other children are eating and he is hungry.  How do you handle the situation?

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