Locate one article in the CSU Online Library that addresses the topic of sacred Buddhist texts, philosophy help

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Unit III Article Review

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Locate one article in the CSU Online Library that addresses the topic of sacred Buddhist texts in connection with Buddhist
involvement in social and political issues. Write a review of the article that includes the following elements:

 Summary of Article

Analysis of connection between article’s main points and description of interpretation and exegesis in unit lesson

 Evaluation of the article’s conclusion and supporting reasons

Your paper should be at least two (2) pages, not including the title or references pages. APA formatting must be used

The following are a few journals that you might find useful in your research of the topic. (This is not a complete list, and
you certainly may use an article from another academic journal.) These are all located in Academic Search Complete

Buddhist-Christian Studies

International Journal For Philosophy of Religion

Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion

Sociology of Religion

Method & Theory In The Study of Religion

Journal of Contemporary Religion

Reviews in Religion & Theology

Please contact your librarian if you need additional help locating an article. The librarians’ contact information can be
found on the right side of the online library page.

Chapter 1: Religious Responses, pp. 16-20
 Chapter 5: Buddhism

Fisher, M. P. (2014). Living religions (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson


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