Los Angeles Valley College Mumbai Sea Level Oceanagraphy Discussion

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Coastal Change Discussion

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As you prepare to engage in this discussion, you are invited to take a Google Earth tour examining Sea Level Rise and the Fate of Coastal Cities (Links to an external site.),
which includes short video animations. This will help you to visualize
how much sea level rise will affect coastal communities under different
future climate scenarios – one based on a 2 deg C temperature rise and
the other based on a 4 deg C temperature rise.

This discussion consists of two parts:

PART 1 (DUE Mon. Feb. 7 for 20 pts):

group member should select ONE of the following locations and research
answers to the following questions for that location.

group member must choose a different location from one another. In
other words, if someone has already posted about Lagos, you should
choose a different location.

is recommended that you make an initial post with just your chosen
location while you complete the research to answer the questions.

Some questions will require additional research beyond the Google Earth tour.

Location Choices and Questions
Locations Questions
  • London
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • New York City
  • Mumbai
  • Shanghai
  • Lagos
  • San Francisco
  1. What is the average elevation above sea level?
  2. What
    does the projected sea level rise of 6-ft (under a 2 deg C warmer
    scenario) look like in this location? Under a 10-ft rise in sea level
    (with 4 deg C warmer scenario)?
  3. How many people live in areas that would be flooded in a future 2 deg C warmer? In a future 4 deg C warmer?
  4. What areas/industries will be most threatened by sea level rise (e.g. government, business, agriculture, etc…?)
  5. Are there any current mitigation measures in place to help prevent flooding? If so, what are they?
  6. Based on historical storm records, what is the range of sea level rise due to storm surge?
  7. What is one thing that surprised you about the Google Earth Visualization?

EXAMPLE: Here is a hypothetical example post that you can use to format your responses to Part 1.

LOCATION: Washington D.C.

    1. Avg. elevation: 150 ft
    2. Projected sea level rise:
    3. Population affected:
      1. 1,400 people displaced with 2 deg C
      2. 4,833 people displaced with 4 deg C
    4. Most threatened industries: Government. According to Climate Central (Links to an external site.), “The
      District has 21 miles of road below 6 feet, plus 2 military facilities;
      1 hospital; 1 museum; and 12 EPA-listed sites such as hazardous waste
      dumps and sewage plants. At 10 feet, these numbers grow to 46 miles of
      road, 4 military facilities, 1 hospital, 3 museums, and 26 EPA-listed
    5. Existing Mitigation Measures: There is a levee around the National Mall. According to a report by the National Capitol Planning Commission (Links to an external site.), D.C. has inadequate storm sewer capacity to deal with flooding.
    6. Historical Storm Surge Range: 12 ft (SOURCE: National Capitol Planning Commission (Links to an external site.))
    7. Surprise Observation: The National Mall being flooding

PART 2 (THREE POSTS DUE Wed. Feb. 9 for 5 pts each = Total 30 pts):

Respond to three other group members’ posts, reflecting on ONE (or more) of the following:

  • What is a possible solution to mitigate future flooding in this location? What would be the estimated cost?
  • Where do you think people displaced by this flooding should go? What will be the estimated cost?
  • Is
    this location in an active margin or passive margin? What additional
    considerations might this invite in planning future flooding risks?
  • How does this compare to your own research in the location you chose?

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