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Watch the Tedtalk Understanding the healthcare system as a consumer 

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Read the Wikipage on Patients’ Bill of rights

Read the Personal Health Records and the HIPAA Rule

  • Write response to each of these questions totaling of 500 words in response to the following questions.,
  • Make sure to write each question and directly below write the answer with at least 100 words – to showcase your knowledge of your reading, comprehension and application of the material and the world around you. 

Understanding the healthcare system as a consumer | Seth Denson | TEDxFlowerMoundLinks to an external site.

  • Who are the influencers of Healthcare costs, describe the three categories briefly  ( hint; providers, payers ( insurance company and government )  

Why or how in your opinion do you think these three influencers are impacting your healthcare costs? 

Then read the Patient’s Bill of Rights and discuss how your rights and responsibilities impact how you use healthcare services?  Logo

  • Now read the PDF document I have provided on Personal Health Record and HIPAA Rule – What is PHR? 

Identify and describe the relationship between the Privacy Rule and the Patient’s Bill of Rights?

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