Major Research Paper:Length: 8-10 pages double spaced and in APA format. The style choice will be left to the student, but the expectation is that it will be Classification Style, Descriptive Style

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Major Research Paper:Length: 8-10 pages double spaced and in APA format.

The style choice will be left to the student, but the expectation is that it will be Classification Style, Descriptive Style, Contrast/Compare Style, or Argumentative Style.

Students are to choose a topic BEFORE 1900 and discuss Indigenous contributions in these areas. As examples;

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Governance Indigenous Knowledges Justice

Law Health/ health initiatives Political Process

Economic Development Spirituality and Worldviews Treaty Negotiation

Education Literature Representations

Métis Nationhood Food Security Arctic Sovereignty

The Fur Trade War Practices Gender Roles

Students will:

– Provide minimum 8 sources/references including 1 Journal Article (online or physical copy), 1 book reference other than your textbook (physical copy only), 1 Government document (electronic or physical copy) and 1 report from a private organization (electronic or physical copy). NO Wikipedia, Encyclopedias, Instructor’s power points, video lectures, or dictionary sources. News articles may only be supplementary material and do not count towards the 8 sources. Personal communications must be documented adequately.

– Analyze the research they have gathered, and the points discussed in sources. To support your arguments, you MUST use correct APA citations for both direct quotes and paraphrasing.

– Pages will be numbered in the top right-hand corner.

– No abstract necessary.

– Title page MUST have: The title of your essay (Not the assignment title), your name, the class code (INDG 1220 A01), and the due date of the Assignment.

– Avoid the use of contractions (EG: Don’t should be written out as do not)

– Be aware of spelling and grammar

2500 words double spaced (not including cover page or bibliography)

Thesis Statement and Topic: Given that at its core Indigenous studies is concerned with the studying of local Indigenous and settler-colonial relationships to place, this assignment requires you to identify a local issue for the topic of your paper. In introducing your topic, you should identify the who, what, when, where, and why of your topic. In addition, you must provide a tentative thesis statement (an argument that will give your paper direction)

Bibliography: A bibliography is a critical research skill to learn. Learning to evaluate sources is critical for putting together and organizing ideas. You will need 2 peer reviewed sources (one course source and one source from outside of the course); and 2 primary sources (newspapers, government documents or websites, archival materials, photographs, audio recordings and podcasts, oral history recordings, news media). For each source, you are required to provide a proper citation using APA citation style.

Essay Topics (Choose 1)

1) How can we see the impacts and outcomes of Canada’s educational policies – residential schools, chronic underfunding of Indigenous education, and the theft of territories – in the lives of Indigenous peoples and Canadians?  How can this be tangibly seen in the ongoing violence and privilege throughout Canadian society?

2) What are two pressing social, political and/or economical issues that stand in the way of reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and Canada? (examples: Violence against Indigenous women and girls, the Indian Act, Indigenous language loss, etc). How would reconciling these issues create a better Canada for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples for the future?

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