Marketing Specialist, Content: Content Assignment 2022 For the purposes of this assignment, your task is twofold: 1. Develop a simple marketing plan detailing how you would use the information below t

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Marketing Specialist, Content: Content Assignment 2022

For the purposes of this assignment, your task is twofold:

1. Develop a simple marketing plan detailing how you would use the information below to

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promote CWB National Leasing.

2. Create one or more pieces of sample content that will market CWB National Leasing with the

goal of communicating our brand value to customers interested in leasing equipment.

Using only the sample quotes below and/or whatever you’d like to use from,

create a marketing plan that explains what type(s) of content you recommend we create to promote the

company and why.

Provide at least one writing sample of how you would craft the content. You do not need to fully

develop all types of content you recommend, but we’d like to get a sense of your writing style.

Garry Dustman, Digital Sales Advisor says that:

Our customers should do business with us because our relationship with the customer extends beyond

the financing on their equipment. We’re an advisor, we’re a smiling face and we’re a partner to help

them grow their business.

In order to grow, businesses need to expand their operations. To expand their operations they need

access to greater pools of capital.

Customers love using our digital tools. We help them access the tools they need when they need them

and how they want to use them.

Robert Ruffman, Sales Account Executive says that:

I recently had a large lease application where the customer was directed to a different leasing company

by the equipment dealer, and once the asset was ready for delivery, the leasing company doubled their

rate. So the customer, having dealt with us in the past, came to us for help. We were able to help and

the customer was delighted. That’s why I get up for work everyday.

Karen Sands, insurance Manager says that:

There is one time that stands out in my head I had a gentleman call that had a old army jeep he had

restored (and was very proud of), which he wanted to get a license plate for but was having trouble

because the serial number on the Jeep was idental to the serial number on a crane we where leasing to

abnother customer. What are the odds of that happening???? Compleltely different equipment with the

same serial number. and I gave him my phone number to pass on to MPI to call me if they needed more

clarification. I did end up speaking to someone at MPI and then two days after that conversation I

received an email from the customer thanking me and a picture of him and his jeep! That made me feel

good! Big smiles.

Anonymous customer online review of CWB National Leasing says:

I’ll never work with another financing company again. CWB is the best company I could ever dream of

working with. My financing was fast. Very little paperwork. Highly recommended.

John James’ feedback in our Customer survey says:

When I first started my business, I didn’t have two dimes to rub together. I got financing from National

Leasing. They took a chance on me. They believed enough in my business to give me the capital I needed

to grow. Honestly, I don’t think I could have done it without them. All the other banks said no. But

National was there for me. They’re like my business partner, so I go to them every time I need financing.

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