math 302, and business

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MATH 302

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No doubt, every day we are exposed to statistics. They influence nearly every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, often times the statistics presented to us are incomplete, misleading, or difficult to interpret meaningfully. For example, in the MATH110 course that many of you may have completed, you were asked to compute the cost per mile of operating your vehicle. Naturally, that statistic is dependent on a number of factors including your car payment, maintenance costs, miles driven, etc. The important thing to keep in mind when using that statistic is that there may be situations in which it would be completely misleading to compare Person A’s cost per mile with Person B’s cost per mile. For example, suppose Person A has a monthly car payment of $350 while Person B has no car payment at all. No doubt, all other things being equal, Person A’s cost per mile would be higher than Person B’s, because of the monthly car payment that Person A has each month. Clearly, in this case, comparing the cost per mile of Person A with that of Person B would be inappropriate.

As a second example, we often encounter situations in which advertisers claim, for example, “You can save 15% by switching to company C.” But, in such situations no reference is established and the question that remains unanswered is: Save 15% compared to what?

Statistics play a role in nearly every thing that we encounter during our daily lives. They help determine what we eat, what we watch on TV, who we vote for, what colors are used in the fabrics our clothes are made from, what music we hear, and what movies make it to the big screen. But, there are times when statistics can be misleading or incomplete. Please share with us a statistic that you feel is misleading or confusing. Be sure to clearly define the statistic you have identified and clearly articulate why you find it to be misleading or confusing.

B USSNIESS Assignment Instructions

To develop and
design a potential company brochure or personal brochure advertising one’s
skills and/or services.


Choose a service or product based business and
complete the following:

1.Choose a brochure
format (newspaper, tri-fold, bi-fold, flyer)

2.Provide the reasoning
behind the format you are choosing–be sure to support your decision.

3.Create the brochure in
MS Word in a separate document.


·In a 1 to 2 page
document, prepare and submit a company brochure for a current or future

·Upload your brochure
and your write-up as separate files.

·Follow APA format for
structure on the write-up.

·Submit as Article #3
for your portfolio

Supporting Materials:




business forum

Resumes can be utilized to showcase one’s experience, education, certifications, and career interests. Watch the video and explore the resources below.


Learning Objectives:
To describe and discuss various interviewing tools and materials.

To identify and discuss various types of resumes and cover letters.

To construct and evaluate the appropriate resume and cover letter for a particular job in industry.

Explore the following resources:

Resume Styles and Samples (Information)—eCampus…

Resume Review Request Form:…


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