Media critique assignment- 5 pages

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  • As you may know, the news and social media often shape the public’s perception of psychological disorders. As students of psychology, we know that information presented in the news is often misleading, or sometimes just plain wrong. The purpose of this assignment is to promote the application of the course material to the outside world, and to help students to question and critique the accuracy and validity of material that is presented in the media.
  • Each student is therefore expected to prepare a portfolio of newspapers clippings and corresponding critiques that will illustrate the erroneous presentation of information related to mental health disorders, as well as the corrections that you would suggest. You should present the media articles or clippings that you have selected. Each article or clipping should be followed by the corresponding journal entry.
  • For each newspaper clipping or article, you are expected to write a brief critique of the errors that you have identified. You should also correct the mistakes that you have identified, and should make use of the evidence base (i.e. refer to a peer-reviewed research article) to back up your corrections.
  • You may use either hardcopy/paper or online newspaper articles, e.g. The Globe & Mail, The Province, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc.
  • You should include a title page and reference list, both in APA format. Please make sure that you correctly reference all of your sources using APA guidelines, i.e. your reference list should include all 5 newspaper articles, and all 5 peer-reviewed research articles.

Evaluation Criteria

The media critique assignment is 25% of your final grade mark. The following are the criteria to be used for your grading:

  • You should choose FIVE newspaper articles or clippings, and should provide a one-page critique for each.
  • You should refer to a minimum of FIVE peer-reviewed articles in your journal entries to support your critiques, so ONE peer-reviewed article for EACH journal entry. You may use more than one if you wish.
  • A title page and a reference list (both in APA format) should be included. Your correct usage of APA will be marked throughout your assignment.
  • Critiques should be written in a clear and concise manner (approximately 1 page, double spaced, per entry); all entries should be typed and referenced using in-text citations, where appropriate, using APA guidelines. Make sure you use in-text citations to refer to your newspaper articles, as well as your peer-reviewed articles.
  • Appropriate connections between the newspaper articles/clippings and course material will be marked.
  • Accuracy of your comments (i.e. the correctness of the descriptions of the psychological terms, disorders, and theories) will be marked.

This project should be type-written, double spaced, with standard one-inch margins, standard fonts (“Courier New” or “Times New Roman”), with numbered pages.

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