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A simple lab report that has to be completed urgently. MUST: 100% plagiarism free and fully APA 6th formatted. I will attach all data (Microsoft excel spread sheet – you will need to plot APA formatted graph and table and paste into lab report) as soon as the question gets assigned!

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Instructions: Write a brief but full lab report in APA style
on a CogLab experiment. You should aim for about 1200-1500 words (i.e., about
5-6 double-spaced pages).

TASKS REQUIRED: For the Lab Report you should describe in
separate and clearly labeled subsections:

v Theoretical background including hypothesis to be tested
(with IV and DV correctly specified). You should refer to relevant chapter(s)
in the textbook and at least FIVE empirical sources (references), preferably
journal articles reporting on experiments addressing the same research
question, or using the same experimental paradigm

v Method: including stimuli and procedure (i.e.
instructions, actual task performed, stimulus exposure parameters, how DV was
measured, etc.)

v Results (your data): in words and supported by at least
one graph and one table (with self-explanatory captions)

v Discussion: relate results to hypothesis (was it
supported?) AND evaluate method, including external validity and threats to
internal validity

Formatting of references AND of graphs, tables, etc. in this
lab report should be done in full compliance with APA style guidelines.

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