Module 6

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The title of this topic is ‘Killer Cosmetics’.

Please address everything that you can about why and how the US FDA regulates cosmetics.

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Use ONLY information from the US FDA website. 

You can cut and paste a couple of statements from the website as long as you quote them as statements,

   indicate them in quoted italicization, i.e. ‘a bcdef ghijklm nop’, and provide the correct in-text citations for them,

   should be in your own words.

Your content is critical! It must clearly discuss relationships between drugs and cosmetics and the US FDA!

 must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of these relationships.  It MUST be comprehensive! 

This means that you must address everything from US FDA authority over cosmetics to health issues

  to color additives to key legal concepts to labeling to cosmetic products and ingredients and more.

Again, must be comprehensive!

Most importantly, it should be in your own words except for quoted statements.

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