Multiculturalism or Color Blindness

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Part 1

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  • Thinking about advance multiculturalism as a more useful solution to issues of racism, within the context of the questions below:
    • Is American society in danger of hardening or increasing the divisions among racial and ethnic groups?
    • Is there too much emphasis on pluralism? Does this create subpopulations that will view others with considerable hostility, or is hostility more likely with an emphasis on assimilation? Which does America want?
    • If everyone is competing for the same limited resources, how is this tension best mitigated?Part 2Here is the link to the article for this week:… on the strategies presented in the article as well as this video… Taking a Stance Against Racism and Discrimination. Which strategies do you think are most effective for reducing prejudice and discrimination? What other strategies would you suggest? Consider community-level and nationwide strategies, not just individual ones. Address general strategies as well as those that would target the issues presented in the article or report your instructor shared.

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