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Original and Plagiarism free work**** answer each part in full , labeling each part an introduction and conclusionparagraph is needed!!!!!!!!

Complete: Case 2B (Mendel Paper Company).

In this case, you are provided information regarding
selling prices and costs of several products offered by Mendel Paper
Company. In addition, management has concerns about sales mix and
rising costs. Address the questions (1-5) at the end of the case.
Based on the case questions, you are required to provide a three
to five double-spaced written report (excluding the title and
reference pages), addressing management’s concerns. The written
report should be properly formatted according to APA guidelines
and demonstrate research and critical thinking skills. Conclusions
and recommendations should be supported by at least two scholarly
sources from the Ashford Library or other external sources,
excluding the textbook.

For Questions 1 through 4, you will need to complete
several calculations – be sure to label and clearly identify your work
to demonstrate your understanding of the concept even if you are not
sure if you have arrived at the correct answer. The calculations should
be included as part of your analysis and written report required for

For Question 5, fully address management’s concerns as
part of your written analysis using the original or revised estimates
to support your recommendation/explanation. As part of your written
analysis, include how management might use these calculations to make

Week 1 Written Assignment should:

  • Demonstrate graduate level work including appropriate research and critical thinking skills.
  • Prepare a written analysis (not a question/answer format)
  • Label case questions as paragraph headings.
  • Prepare title page, reference page and in-text
    citations following APA guidelines.(Compose response in a three- to-
    five double-spaced pages of content, excluding the title and reference

Support your responses with at least two scholarly sources, excluding the textbookInsert prompt.

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