Need an research paper on chinese customs, superstitions and traditions. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on chinese customs, superstitions and traditions. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Gelao,Geman Deng, Groma, Guanyinqiao, Guiqiong, Hani, Hlai, Hmong Daw, Hmong Njua, Hmong Central Huishui, Hmong Central Mashan, Hmong Chonganjiang, Hmong Eastern Huishui, Hmong Eastern Qiandong, Hmong Eastern Xiangxi, Hmong Luopohe, Hmong Northeastern Dian, Hmong Northern Guiyang, Hmong Northern Huishui, Hmong Northern Mashan, Hmong Northern Qiandong, Hmong Southern Mashan, Hmong Southern Qiandong, Hmong Southwestern Guiyang, Hmong Southwestern Huishui, Hmong Western Mashan, Hmong Western Xiangxi, Honi, Horpa, Hu, Ili Turki, Iu Mien, Jiamao, Jiarong, Jingpho, Jinuo Buyuan, Jinuo Youle, Kado, Kaduo, Kalmyk-Oirat, Kang, Kazakh, Kemiehua, Khakas, Khmu, Khuen, Kim Mun, Kirghiz, Kon Keu, Korean, Kuanhua, Kyerung, Lachi, Ladakhi, Lahu, Lahu Shi, Laqua, Lashi, Lawa Western, Lhomi, Lingao, Lipo, Lisu, Lü, Luoba Bogaer, Luoba Yidu, Macanese, Mak, Man Met, Manchu, Mang, Maonan, Maru, Moinba, Mongolian Peripheral, Mulam, Muya, Namuyi, Nanai, Naxi, Nung, Nusu, Oroqen, Pa Di, Pa-Hng, Palaung Pale, Palaung Rumai, Palaung Shwe, Panang, Parauk, Pela, Phula, Pumi Northern, Pumi Southern, Qiang Northern, Qiang Southern, Queyu, Riang, Russian, Salar, Samei, Samtao, Sarikoli, Shangzhai, She, Sherpa, Shixing, Sui,Tai Hongjin, Tai Nüa, Tai Ya, Takpa, Tatar, T’en, Thangmi, Tibetan Amdo, Tibetan Central, Tibetan Khams, Tinani, Tsat, Tseku, Tshangla, Tu, Tujia Northern, Tujia Southern, Tuvin, U, Uyghur, Uzbek Northern, Vietnamese, Wa, Wakhi, Waxianghua, Wutunhua, Xiandao, Xibe, Yerong, Yi Ache, Yi Awu, Yi Axi, Yi Azhe, Yi Central, Yi Dayao, Yi Eastern Lalu, Yi Eshan-Xinping, Yi Guizhou, Yi Limi, Yi Milli, Yi Miqie, Yi Muji, Yi Naluo, Yi Poluo, Yi Pula, Yi Puwa, Yi Sani, Yi Sichuan, Yi Southeastern Lolo, Yi Southern, Yi Southern Lolopho, Yi Western, Yi Western Lalu, Yi Wuding-Luquan, Yi Wumeng, Yi Wusa, Yi Xishan Lalu, Yi Yuanjiang-Mojiang, Yugur East, Yugur West, Zaiwa, Zauzou, Zhaba, Zhuang Northern, Zhuang Southern (Gordon).

While many different languages are spoken in China,&nbsp.the most dominant of all these is Chinese spoken by approximately 95% of China’s population. It belongs to the Sino-Tibetan family of languages. Although Chinese itself consists of many different dialects that some linguists may consider to be separate languages altogether, most consider these dialects to be variations on the Mandarin dialect that originated from Peking.

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