Need an research paper on environmental issues. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on environmental issues. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The controversy surrounding DDT was whether or not it should be banned. Anne Platt McGinn, a senior researcher at Worldwatch Institute, says ‘Yes’ to the ban, as there are ‘more effective and less environmentally harmful methods’&nbsp.(Easton, 2011) Taking the opposite side with a ‘No’ to the ban is Donald R. Roberts who believes that the hazards of DDT are misrepresented by the activists while in fact, it proves to have saved the lives of many. Three Main Areas of Disagreement between Anne Platt McGinn and Donald R. Roberts are as follows – McGinn states that the toxic DDT should only be used in an emergency to treat diseases while more environmentally friendly methods such as bed-nets, anti-malarial drugs, improving living conditions and eradication of insect breeding sites should be used. Roberts claims that the steps to eradicate Malaria by proper drains and larviciding only happen in principal cities, while the mainly affected rural areas remain vulnerable.

McGinn claims that insects became resistant to DDT when ingested while Roberts claims that DDT acts only as a repellant. McGinn says ‘In order to control a disease, why should we poison our soils, our waters and ourselves?’ (Pg.289) Donald reacts by stating Science Magazine that species did not go extinct and DDT levels had declined after its use was stopped. DDT only reaches a concentration in water of 1.2 parts per billion, so the claim that it causes the death of algae is false. Birds and sea lions have not declined due to DDT as claimed, while in reality, statistics have proven their increase during the use of DDT.

After a lot of research done on the subject, I comply with Donald’s ideology and therefore prefer the use of DDT to save humans because all other claims against DDT have no solid proof of its dangers.

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a) Environmental Hormone Mimics are ‘Xenobiotic’ chemicals that have been found to mimic or disrupt reproductive hormones such as estrogen. These chemicals are known to alter the reproduction of wildlife along with creating severe health problems like cancer in humans. The controversy is whether these claims are true or are magnified falsifications.

b) According to Professor of Biological Sciences, Michele Trankina, ‘hormone mimics’ disrupt ‘everything from fish gender to human fertility’ (World & I Journal, 2001) (Easton, 2011, Pg.319) while Michael Gough, a biologist argues that these claims are only supported by “junk science”.&nbsp.(Endocrine Disrupters, Politics, Pesticides, the Cost of Food and Health, “, 1997) Michele Trankina states that there has been a radical decrease in ‘sperm count’, an increase in testicular cancer and defective genitalia in men due to this.

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