Need an research paper on lack of information. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on lack of information. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Generally, the public sector has lagged behind in terms of IT, information, and knowledge management as “administrative, executive and judicial bodies continue to evolve into an electronic work environment pushed by paperback” (Arora 2011, p.166). As a case example, a report by the House of Common’s Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) recognizes the limitations of the government’s development and implementation of IT systems, particularly the fact that there is a general “lack of IT skills in government and over-reliance on contracting out [to the private sector]” (p.3). Another challenge entails the minimal or insufficient information that is allocated to information or knowledge systems and technology.

The private sector, on the other hand, has made major leapfrogs in this regard, exhibiting even more effective information and knowledge management. According to Denhardt and Grubbs (2003), private sector organizations, unlike the public sector, operate differently. The fact that they pursue profits is motivating enough. On the other hand, the public sector does not require profits to stay running. Moreover, the organizational structure- another key factor of knowledge management- of private sector organizations, unlike the general bureaucracy of the public sector organizations, further boost information, and knowledge management.

This paper compares information and knowledge management between the private and the public sectors, and what factors may contribute to these differences, including the ambiguity of purpose. pluralistic decision-making. visibility. susceptibility to political environments, among others. The end-goal is to cite what the public sector can learn from the private sector in knowledge management.

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