Need an research paper on structural design of the station. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on structural design of the station. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. Steel as a column withstands compression better than concrete. This makes steel qualify as our material for column construction in the station.

The benefits linked to steel as a composite material for columns are many and economical. Columns made of other types of material like stone and bricks have a larger cross sectional-area than steel. The large cross-sectional area should be proportional to the column’s length. Although a steel column could be stocky, the strength possessed is greater than that of stone. Through design, slender columns are developed. This type of flexibility is not possible for other materials.

The bearing capacity of a stocky column is directly proportional to the strength of the material as well as the cross-sectional area. On loading, a stocky column shortens elastically until an elastic limit is achieved. At this point, an increase in exposure to loads leads to a disproportion in length reduced. This is referred to as the yield point of a column. If loads are increased on the column, it automatically collapses. This behavior is prevalent when the column is short in comparison to its size and cross-sectional area. The failure developed in this particular case is derived from steel as a construction material in compression. The axial load capacity is determined from this formula:

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Practically, such columns cannot be achieved because high strength in steel needs a column that has a small cross-sectional area. This implies that the commonly used steel columns are slender. This characteristic contrasts that of columns made from weak materials. These columns are stocky and possess a large cross-section. Structural failure related to steel columns is buckling. This mode of failure is related to slender columns. Proportionally casted steel columns buckle before steel’s crushing strength. With a gradual increment in compressive strength, a value is achieved at the point when the column buckles and deforms perpendicular to its axis and shortens axially in length. This type of load is the buckling load.

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