Need an research paper on supply chain partner integration: a relationship approach. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on supply chain partner integration: a relationship approach. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism. It is evident from the research work of Briscoe and Dainty (2005) that in the case of the construction industry, a close looped relational matrix should be maintained between chain partners such as contractors, final assemblers, subcontractors, and suppliers. However, Saad, Jones, and James (2002) found it difficult to apply the concept of Bayesian probability in order to determine how supply chain member collaboration can help companies’ to achieve product innovation or deliver products at a competitive price. On the contrary, in the task, a context has been mentioned where good relationships between Tier 1 contractors, subcontractors, final assemblers, suppliers, etc have been identified as key drivers that enable Tier 1 contractors to innovate and provide goods and services at prices that are competitive. It is evident from the above theoretical arguments that a significant amount of controversy exists regarding the importance of the supply chain collaboration framework. Such a level of ambiguity has been influenced by the researcher to take up this study and discuss the justification of the mentioned statement.

It has been found by the researcher that previous researchers used the construction and engineering industry in order to validate the efficacy of supply chain integration. Consideration of research works of Briscoe and Dainty (2005) reveals the fact that above mentioned three unique characteristics of the construction industry make it challenging for companies to use the supply chain integration model in order to drive business values. Therefore, the essay will discuss the mentioned statement in context to the construction and engineering perspective. While doing research on the same topic, Barratt (2004) used the concept of ‘collaborative culture’ in order to explain how supply chain activities and relationships between supply chain partners can collaborate within the construction industry. According to Barratt (2004),&nbsp.‘collaborative culture’ in the supply chain can be developed through elements such as&nbsp.1- external and internal trust between supply chain partners, 2- transparent information exchange throughout the supply chain, 3- the&nbsp.quality of information flow, 4- communication and understanding between supply chain partners, 5- process alignment and effective cross-functional activities by supply chain partners and 6- engagement of supply chain partners at the level of supply chain activities. Other research scholars like Briscoe and Dainty (2005) might not use the term ‘collaborative culture’ directly rather they explored different dynamics of the term in context to supply chain management in the construction industry.

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