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We’ve been studying quality aspects and touched on regulation through the Joint Commission and other agencies in my class. This week we go deeper into the role of the government, agencies, and the law in our health care facility management.


Educate the class on the topic of HIPPA Breach Notification Rule:

  1. Critically evaluate the topic in relation to managing a facility. Be specific, general statements such as “an administrator should be aware” is not critical thinking or illustrating a command of the content.
  1. Evaluate and analyze current changes, critiques, or recent events surrounding the topic and why they are of significance and how they impact a health facility. Think through financial impacts, staffing, information systems etc. What does this touch and how?

Your postings should reference scholarly literature and critically evaluate both sides (i.e. if you state the mission of the organization then state why another organization might have an issue or take them to task for it) of the conversation.  Try to stay within one-two pages but still giving what is asked for.

Look forward to your dive into the risk management, legal, and regulatory areas of health facilities this week.

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