Need help with an Intro to Psychology assignment

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choose ONE of the following assignment options to submit this week.

Option 1: Motivation


This assignment involves recognizing examples of motivation and emotion concepts in a movie, television show, or book. 

1. First, give a brief summary identifying the movie, television show, or book you are going to analyze as well as a brief (no more than 1-2 paragraph summary) of the plot.

2. Identify five motivation and emotion concepts in the movie, television show, or book. For each example, define the concept in your own words and explain how it can be see in the movie, show, or book.

One of the concepts must be a motivation from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The remaining four concepts should come from the list below. 

  • Cannon-Bard theory of emotion
  • James- Lange theory of emotion
  • Two-factor theory of emotion
  • misattribution of arousal
  • facial feedback hypothesis
  • nonverbal communication
  • daily hassles
  • fight-or-flight response
  • tend-and-befriend response
  • emotion regulation
  • optimism
  • self-efficacy
  • social support

3. Write your essay in a word processing program and save the essay to your computer as a .doc file. This is the format we will use for most essays in this course. 

Option 2: Stress and Synthesis


Stress is a normal part of everyday life for most of us. Yet, most of us have don’t have much in-depth knowledge about what makes us feel stress, how stress affects us, or ways to better cope with stress. This assignment will give you more knowledge about stress in relation to everything we’ve covered so far this semester.

Your reading defines stress as the physiological responses that occur when an organism fails to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats.” This definition hints at the very holistic nature of stress. In fact, every chapter we’ve covered this semester has relevance to the stress reactions and consequences.

1. First, apply the definition of stress (provided above from your reading) to your own experience with stress. Write an essay describing 1) the specific internal and external things that cause your stress and 2) the way your mind and body react to that stress.

2. Second, choose two of the topics we’ve covered this semester to further explore stress. Your options are:

  • Choose a psychological perspective (psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, cognitive,social-cultrual, or evolutionary) and describe how that perspective would explain human stress.
  • Create a research study (using observation, correlation, or experiment) to better understand human stress. (Note: you will not be conducting this study, just designing how one could be done).
  • Identify and explain the parts of the human brain and nervous system, including the role of hormones and neurotransmitters, involved in stress.
  • Explore the relationship between stress and sleep.
  • Discuss the role of stress in human development… how does stress impact prenatal development? How do stressors change over the course of the lifespan? Is stress useful, a hindrance, or both when it comes to development?
  • Create a way to classically condition stress and then discuss how to extinguish this learned response. Additionally, design a way to reduce your stress/increase your use of healthy ways to cope with stress through operant conditioning. Be specific with your strategies!
  • Explore how stress can both facilitate and hinder memory. This could include a discussion of flashbulb memories.
  • Identify a personality concept and explain how stress may be experienced by someone with that personality (neuroticism, self-esteem, extraversion, etc.)
  • Describe the disorders that may involve an extreme stress reaction and how therapists would attempt to treat this extreme stress.
  • Explore the ways in which being in a group impacts or changes an individual’s stress. This should include a discussion of both the pros and cons of how other people impact our individual stress.

3. Write your essay in a word processing program and save the essay to your computer as a .doc file. This is the format we will use for most essays in this course. Please follow the Written Assignment Guidelines.

4. Click the link to Motivation/Emotion/Stress Assignment Submission at the bottom of this page and attach your .doc file.

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