Need help with my writing homework on Analysis of the Everest Film. Write a 1750 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Analysis of the Everest Film. Write a 1750 word paper answering; First, I would consider whether the participants are willing to pay for a guided expedition, pay for their own expedition, or join an expedition team for logistics reasons only. In this case, I would select those willing to climb through a fully guided expedition team. Secondly, the potential participants should have similar goals, for example, reaching the summit of the mountain. Then, I would select the physically fit people in mountain climbing in terms of aerobic conditioning and stamina. The next consideration would involve checking the past experiences of the willing participants in mountain climbing. Those potential climbers should have basic training in mountaineering and have enough experience in extreme attitudes, expedition life, and understand how their bodies perform when climbing mountains (Hornbein and Doug).

In that list of potential participants, two wealthy candidates are very determined to participate in mountain climbing for their first time. I would consider the motivations behind their need to climb before selecting them. Mostly, they would have two competing motivations, which include personal challenge and publicity (Hornbein and Doug 45). The personal challenge comes with the belief that because you have money, you can easily manipulate the expeditions and successfully climb the mountain. First-time climbers often decide to participate due to publicity and prestigious reasons. In this case, therefore, I would not select them because the wealthy climbers can be disastrous up there where teamwork is needed for success. I cannot select them because they believe in “independent” expeditions where you can, as well, rely on local logistics and successfully reach the summit. I believe in a fully guided expedition and thus other expeditions are excluded especially when dealing with risky tasks of mountaineering.

I would charge each potential participant $30K owing to the fact that the expedition team consists of 7 climbers including the guide.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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