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Need help with my writing homework on Civil Engineering Management. Write a 3000 word paper answering; In the planning process of an effective way to manage an organization or company, compliance with the laws and regulations is compulsory. Therefore, a practical approach to safety and health management should come first in every process of controlling an organizational process, and the integral segments of the workplace attitudes and behaviors. In the management operations of Visionary Construction Company, there exist outstanding recognition on the core elements in the effective management health and safety to include leadership and management, trained human resource, and an environment of trusted and involved personnel. Planning must therefore ensure that such measures are established and rolled out for implementations.

Under this category, there must be well-drafted policies on safety and health. employees provided with proper information regarding possible risks at their workstations, and provision of instructions on how to avoid and deal with risks. For the confirmation on the appropriateness of the policies, the management has to consult with the employees to check on the risks involved at their stations, preventive and protective measures.

Assessments of the possible risks to constructors, employees, management, partners, and the surrounding on the impact of the company’s operations are vital, and findings recorded. This also comes with adequate appraisal strategies that ensure accessibility by all employees to ensure total inclusion (Health and Safety Executive, 2009). Performance assessments will therefore see into it that adequate and appropriate supervision exists, everyone has access to competent safety and health advice, and there are an effective organization, planning, control, and review of preventive/protective established from the risk assessments.

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The intertwined relationship that exists between the current Scientific Management and health and safety is relatively significant to the foundation of the present health and safety management system.

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