Need help with my writing homework on Counseling, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Counseling, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis. Write a 1250 word paper answering; In psychology, I did enjoy studying Ego Psychology, known as the psychoanalysis that instigated from Freud’s id, ego, and superego model. There were many psychoanalytical theorists after Freud, who began detailing the technical version of the ego. They have for long tried to hypothesize on the functions of the ego, and how it can cause harm to psychopathology. Most of their efforts revolve around how to strengthen the ego to help a person to handle pressures, superego and society in an enhanced manner (Rowan, 2005 p75). The core of the ego psychology spins around the position that fit ego is free of any divergence and is inclusive of autonomous ego functions like memory and reality testing, it should function without any interruption of any emotional conflict. Ego psychology also aims at increasing the conflict-free cycle of ego functioning. This will result in better effective regulation and adaptation of an environment and ego.

However, the authors of the fresh ego psychology have a different approach. some argue that is necessary to discard the ego analysis structural model, the psychoanalyst should dwell on treating the psychological conflict in an improved manner. In addition to that are some writers who have disputed irrelevantly on concepts of ego. People sometimes mistake ego psychology for self-psychology, which generally aims at escalating the strength of the true self and persona’s inner. The ego psychologists would also write on self-psychology, most of the time, but they always keep their self-way from ego. As for their view, the ego is better distinct as a mixture of mental roles, and self-psychology is how people distinguish their inner selves (Rowan, 2005 p84).

Analytical psychology, one of Jung’s finest, makes a number of demands on the intellectual capacity of the person reading. The main benefit of it is that, here, Jungian notions come out fully in their theoretical depth. It is essential, specifically, to attain a deep and systematic understanding of Jungian psychology. otherwise, nothing would have been understood at all. Jungian psychology is beleaguered by the difficulty that the understanding of notions is shallow. Not even the very archetype central concept is understood accurately in many quarters.

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