Need help with my writing homework on Different Forms of Government. Write a 10000 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Different Forms of Government. Write a 10000 word paper answering; Marxist is a system of societal analysis that emphasizes societal conflicts and class relations. It uses economic and sociopolitical inquiry and applies it to the establishment of capitalism and financial change. Most of the socialist countries are Marxist following the Soviet Union form of government.

Monarchy is a system established by the king or queen. Historically this system was considered crucial, but few countries have such systems (Stefoff 2). In the United Kingdom although the rule is of the queen the system is a republic because the queen does not have enough power. Another example is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the Republic system, people elect their representatives who constitute the government and implement rules. Ideally, this system is governed by the public and its representatives. It is originated from democracy in which power belongs to the layman. For example, the form of government in Afghanistan and Algeria is a republic. In Dictatorship, the government is run by one person’s authority imposed on its own. There could be only one person’s authority like Hitler in Germany or the Communist Party in China. Totalitarianism is a system in which the control of society is held by the state. The government takes control of all aspects of private and public life. Tyranny& considered as the government form& which the state is governed by one powerful dictator who lacks legitimacy. This system is considered a cruel and oppressive form of leadership. Anarchy represents a social system without a publicly enforced government. It shows lawlessness and political disorder (Ceplair 150).

Among all forms of government, the most successful forms are Republic. Anarchy and tyranny are no more in use, and they are considered as the worst forms of government. Dictatorship as practiced by Hitler in Germany is also not appreciated by the public and also does not produce long-term economic and social benefits to the country.

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