Need help with my writing homework on How normatively integrated is homosexuality in today’s society. Write a 250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on How normatively integrated is homosexuality in today’s society. Write a 250 word paper answering; How Normatively Integrated is Homosexuality in Todays Society? The contemporary society has grown gradually receptive andintegrated homosexuality compared to past societies. Statististical surveys such as the General Social Survey indicated that negative public attitudes on same sex relations significantly decreased from 75% in 1985 to 55% in 2006 (Rouse). However, this does not indicate that it has become more appealing to the majority of the society but just offers an indication of the gradual change in perception. Despite this, integration of homosexuality has been increasingly evident through prevalence based on self identification. For example, in cosmopolitan areas such as Oak Lawn in Dallas, there are socially recognized gay communities. These gay communities’s thrive on self identification as well as acting as networks for gay partners. Furthermore, the contemporary society has integrated laws that protect the rights of Gays and lesbians at the instigation of civil rights movements. These include the hate crime laws that incorporation of legal rights for marriage, children and military service. Examples include States such as Massachusetts, New York and Iowa are among those that have adopted the Defence of Marriage Act. In addition, the prevalence of public demonstrations that are nowadays more of ceremonial displays of sexual pride has been increasingly integrated. These include the globally celebrated Gay Pride Parades that are annually marked in cities such as Montreal, Chicago, New York, Johannesburg and Rose Hill in Mauritius. Consequently, homosexuality has been gradually integrated in today’s society.

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relationships in social context. New York: Haworth Clinical Practice Press, 2002. Print.

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