Need help with my writing homework on Language and Communication Tools for Effective Storytelling. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Language and Communication Tools for Effective Storytelling. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Some readers have revealed that the use of different communication tools proves to be compelling prompting them to have a direct association with the story. This paper will describe how the author of The New York Times article made use of language and communication tools to tell the story effectively.

The author of the article, John Branch successfully used multimedia in an effort to enhance the message he was trying to communicate. Notably, the story focuses on the falling of snow, an event that happened unexpectedly. Worth noting is the fact that the author depicts the unpredictability of natural events. In order to enhance such a message, Branch incorporated graphics that proved to be very compelling to the reader. The visual elements depicted at the start of the story help the reader to create a mental image of the snow falling, and the potential impact the elements can have on unsuspecting individuals (André, Bisso, & Crispim da, 2012). In addition, the graphics serve to create the relevant mood that conforms to the main theme of the story. Many journalists choose to include visual elements into their work as a strategy of creating a stronger communication process between the author and the reader. Modern technology has served to enhance multimedia techniques, used by different journalists when developing their stories. Multimedia techniques have served to give stories more meaning, feelings, as well as tone. Some of the graphics included in the story are motion pictures that serve to emphasize the reality of the falling snow (Schack, 2014).

A close analysis of the article reveals that the author relied on large visual and dynamic images, animated graphics, video interviews, as well as sound bites. The story has six distinct chapters focusing on a similar theme. At the top of each chapter, there are dynamic images that serve to give the reader a remarkable first impression.&nbsp.

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