Need help with my writing homework on Religious Food Taboos and Ideology. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Religious Food Taboos and Ideology. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Most of these food taboos are not about health or nutrition but about pure ideology and religious obedience.

For most people, the problem of what to eat isn’t problematic at all, such people don’t consider food through religion and its ethics. The point is that normally people think about food through the aspect of its feeding value or harmfulness of products. Religious principles concerning food and prohibition of certain products deal mostly with ethics, which in fact means that people consider food in different aspects analyzing essentially different prohibitions. We can’t read about what kind of food is healthy or harmful in sacred books, they mostly focus, for example, on what is meat and why people can’t eat it or what meat people are allowed to eat, etc. but nothing about the actual utility of meat. It turns out that by discovering the rules of nutrition in different religions we always face ethics that cannot be considered as the rules of nutrition and healthy dietary laws because ethics deals mostly with morality and religious obedience. This means that obviously food must be considered through the point of view that the world must be analyzed on sacred and profane levels1, so talking about religion and its food taboos we discover the sacred aspect of the problem (in other words, we discuss religious ideology which is called sacred).

One of the most significant prohibitions that exist in almost every huge religion is the meat taboo. The problem of meat is rather contradictory because some religions like Islam and Judaism allow it with several exceptions, Buddhism, for example, prohibits its usage. The point is that all these religions have different reasons why their followers shouldn’t eat meat. Anthropological researches show that in religious food is symbolical and to understand the meaning of its prohibition we should realize what food is considered to be for human beings2. First of all, the consumption of food is the way humans satisfy one of the most significant needs of their bodies – they still their hunger.

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