Need help with my writing homework on Thomas Hobbes’ Theory about State and Power in Leviathan. Write a 2250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Thomas Hobbes’ Theory about State and Power in Leviathan. Write a 2250 word paper answering; In essence, the dilemma created in Thomas Hobbes’ ‘Leviathan’ revolves around situations when the sovereign state needs to call upon the strength of its citizens to provide the state and its people the protection it needs.&nbsp. In dangerous situations, a rational egoist would most likely not risk his life for the protection of the sovereign state.&nbsp. However, if such protection is not provided by the citizens, then the state will revert to a state of nature. And, our lives would be forfeit if the orders of the state are not followed and protection is not provided to the state by the rational egoist.&nbsp.

This paper shall be a critical analysis paper on Hobbes’ previously mentioned statement.&nbsp. This analysis shall clarify the position being examined, shall elaborate arguments for or against the position in question, shall carefully assess the adequacy and strength of the arguments by considering possible responses, counter-arguments, or counter-examples, and offer this student’s own assessment of where the arguments for and against the position being considered to leave us – and is we should accept, reject, or remain neutral regarding this orientation or position.&nbsp.

Clarification of position

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The dilemma in Hobbes’ statement is on how to bring consistency into his argument or if consistency is even possible in his statement.&nbsp. If consistency is to be brought to his statement, is a state of nature inevitable?&nbsp. Hobbes seems to be advocating that a rational man is not obligated to render service to the state in order to help protect sovereign interests.&nbsp. The dilemma in Hobbes’s statement can be phrased in the question – why would a rational egoist surrender his sovereignty in the state of nature?&nbsp. (Stanford University Press “Social Order”).&nbsp.

A rational egoist would work through the logic of risking his life and limb in order to protect the state.&nbsp. He would deliberate and ask himself if his sacrifice would be worth the imposed danger on his life.&nbsp. The egoist in him would do everything to avoid danger and pain.&nbsp. He would be thinking of ways to save himself, to spare himself the pain and danger.

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