Need help with my writing homework on Water SODIS Experiment. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Water SODIS Experiment. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The main target of treating the water is removing or inactivating diseases that cause microorganisms like worm eggs, viruses, protozoa cysts. Disinfection is normally applicable by slow sand filtration and chlorination, which cannot be found in rural regions such as lack of skills, funds, and other resources. Therefore, a reliable, efficient, sustainable, and low-cost water treatment is needed for domestic purpose. The most common practice to disinfect the water is through boiling the water. The best method to disinfect water is through the SODIS process. The process consists of plastic bottles with contaminated water and then exposes it to sunlight for around 6 hours. After 6 hours, the water is then considered safe for consumption. Plastic bottles are preferred compared to glass because they are effective and easily available. Other steps that one needs to take in enhancing the process include reflective surfaces, painting the bottle black, and water filtration. The experiment is regarded to be effective because it reduced the cases of diarrhea. Therefore, the paper carries out the SODIS process.

The samples of water are fetched from the river in Vacancy, which is then passed through cow dungs. to contaminate them. Then fill the 4 PET bottles with contaminated water. Two of the PET bottles are covered with aluminum foil since the foil reflects the sunlight. The two bottles are then placed onto different backgrounds. The two backgrounds include a black background and a steel background. This is because the different backgrounds enhance the SODIS procedure. After placing the bottle into the appropriate backgrounds, the bottles are placed in the sunlight for 24 hours. It is important leaving the bottle under sunlight exposure for at least 6 hours. The four bottles were then collected after 24 hours. Two PET bottles were also included for testing. One PET bottle contained contaminated water from the river while the other one contained water that can be consumed from the Webster’s water cooler.

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