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Part 1.

Market Segmentation.

Please look at this concept. What makes Market Segmentation different from Product Differentiation as it relates to Healthcare?

Part 2

Did not want to make the discussion too intense as you have a pretty in depth assignment for this week.

Have Fun with this.… But put some original thought in it – Put on your healthcare marketing thinking caps!

But don’t hurt your brain over it!

Let’s assume you are charged with opening a new women’s health center in downtown Washington DC. located near the White House. The center will offer a full spectrum of health services for women from preventative health services, nontraditional health services, to traditional ob/gyn services. The center will staff only female professionals, include a health education library on women’s health issues, have regular short seminars on women’s health issues, have dermatology services, and massage services. Prices for non-reimbursed services will be market rates, and virtually all health insurance will be accepted, including Medicare. The center itself will feature modern but calming décor. There are no baby-sitting services. Since it is in downtown Washington DC parking is provided. The center will focus on extremely good customer experiences.

Based on what you know or can find out about the Washington DC market, and using the following list of segmentation:

Market segmentation

  • Market targeting
  • Value Proposition
  • Positioning
  • Marketing objectives

identify the market segment of women that would most likely be attracted to this new women’s health center.

If you are feeling creative, take a shot at writing a tagline for the center. This is the creative copy marketing communicators use on their marketing communications materials like signage, brochures, advertisements, websites, etc.

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