NUCOR Corporation

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NUCOR Corporation in 2012 

Up to 3 pages 12 Point Single Space please!

1. List and elaborate some strategic issues facing NUCOR?

2. What are the key elements of NUCOR’s low cost strategy? What factors have helped Nucor achieve a low cost position?

3. Please apply Porter’s Five Forces model to the steel industry. While doing so, clearly identify who is behind each force – for instance Suppliers, Buyers, Substitutes, Competitors, etc. And what is the impact of each force on the profitability of the industry – in terms of the following levels -High/Medium/Low. At the end, also provide a summary of all the five forces and propose whether you think the steel industry is attractive industry or not an attractive industry.

4. What are Nucor’s resources and capabilities? Be specific in distinguishing NUCOR’s resources from its capabilities as done on Page 71 of the Text (In Table 4.1).

5. Elaborate some of the key lessons you have learnt from the case analysis?

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