NUR 501 STU Philosophical & Theoretical Evidenced Based Research Discussion

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Examine the science and art of theory development and evaluation. (pertaining to nursing research)

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Online Materials & Resources

Visit the CINAHL Complete under the A-to-Z Databases on the University Library’s website and locate/read the articles below:

  • Clarke, M. A., Belden, J. L., & Kim, M. S. (2014). Determining differences in user performance between expert and novice primary care doctors when using an electronic health record (EHR). Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 20(6), 1153-1161. doi:10.1111/jep.12277

Sturmberg, J. P., Martin, C. M., & Katerndahl, D. A. (2014). Systems and complexity thinking in the general practice literature: an integrative, historical narrative review. Annals of Family Medicine, 12(1), 66-74. doi:10.1370/afm.15933

Delaunay, S., Kahn, P., Tatay, M., & Liu, J. (2016). Knowledge sharing during public health emergencies: from global call to effective implementation. Bulletin of The World Health Organization, 94(4), 236-236A. doi:10.2471/BLT.16.172650

Butts and Rich (2015) 

Chapters 18-19, and 20-22

Gray, Grove, and Sutherland (2018)

Chapters 20-25

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