NYU Bones and Skeletal Features of the Human Skeleton Drawings

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Draw (as best you can) and outline of each bone. Label the bone and its features. You should follow the study guide, Bones and Features to Know, for which bones and which features to label. Use the nomenclature (especially for bone features) on the list, and if a feature is not on the list, please don’t label it on your drawing. You do not need to label directional terms, but you’re welcome to do so if that helps you study. Other guidelines for this assignment:

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For cranial drawings: You do not need to draw each bone individually. Instead, draw the cranium from 3 angles: anterior (shows the face), lateral (from the side), and inferior (the base). For anterior and lateral views, draw the cranium and then the outline of each bone. In addition to bone, label the 3 major sutures that you need to know, and the craniometric points bregma and glabella. For the inferior view,  you may use less detail — it only needs to show the outline of the occipital bone and the 3 features associated with it, as well as the craniometric point basion (again, see study guide).

For the vetebrae: Draw C1 (atlas) and C2 (axis). Then draw one example each: cervical vertebra (aside from C1&2), thoracic vertebra and lumbar vertebra. 

For the remainder of the bones: draw and label one example of each (ie, you only need to draw one rib). 


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