Odessa College Mental Health Discussion

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you will respond to 2 of your peers, read their post an comment on their clinical day. You responses must be substantial, at least 75 words or more, appropriate comments: thoughtful, reflective, and respectful of other’s postings.

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If you ask me about social media, I would say They serve both purposes, both Good and bad. For the purpose of this discussion relating to mental health, I would say this media has been devastating to the mental health. This is because a lot of the influencers on social media give false impression about life and a lot of those who are hooked onto these media consume these. These media have been seen sources of information regarding life, politics, style, health and so many other aspects of human endeavor. A lot of the information peddled on these media are half-baked, that is if baked at all and lack any professional and ethical truths and these cause a lot of mental health issues like depression, emptiness and suicide. A lot of lives and homes have been shattered and suicides have been recorded due to activities of social media. On the other hand, some good have been recorded on social media too. a lot of professional blogs are on social media too that talk about professional subject matters. Although these blogs and pages may not have good followership because the young ones that constitute the largest population on social media would rather follow the “Stars” of the entertainment and sporting world. Social media has the potential to be used for good purposes too. Relating to mental health promotion, Mental health experts can bring the subject and messages in colorful and easy to understand languages and backgrounds that these people can understand and relate with rather than a lot of ambiguities and technicalities prevalent in science and academics.


The recent advancement in technology has resulted in numerous tools that have facilitated communication across vast geographical regions. Besides, the start of the 21st century is characterized by immense progress in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that has enabled the creation of social media. Furthermore, information is acknowledged to play a vital role in influencing many people, especially among the millennials and generation Z demographic groups. As a result, social media can create awareness globally on preventing the spread of infectious diseases, thus improving public health (Latha, Meena, Pravitha, Dasgupta, & Chaturvedi, 2020). Moreover, social media has the potential to be used for good, especially in promoting the mental health and wellbeing of people.

Based on my perspective, mental health is reinforced through experiences of happiness brought about by social interaction. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram serve as channels that allow people to increase virtual interaction through instant messaging. In addition, the platforms allow the sharing of visual data such as videos and pictures that allow people to disseminate their happy moments with friends and family. As a result, people can experience relaxation, promoting mental health (Latha, Meena, Pravitha, Dasgupta, & Chaturvedi, 2020). As a nurse, I would teach adolescents the numerous benefits of social media sorer to their mental health. For instance, social media allows youths to connect on social apps, thus developing their social and communication skills. Additionally, having online friends eliminates the feeling of isolation that would otherwise make adolescents anti-social. Furthermore, social media often contain features that allow current news to be disseminated among users, enabling adolescents to be aware of trending world events. Creativity is also facilitated when the youth share their ideas on social media without fear of criticism.


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