Overbearing Emotions: Sitting at home peacefully, out of the random you get terrible news. Someone who is very important to you has lost his or her

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Overbearing Emotions:Sitting at home peacefully, out of the random you get terrible news. Someone who is very important to you has lost his or her life. What would be your reaction? I probably would have drop myself on the ground and start rolling like I was part of a fire. In the story “Story of an Hour” Louise loses her husband. She has received awful news about her husband passing away. When she first got the news she broke down tears, but after she realized what’s really going on, she walked up the stairs to her room to be alone. As she sits in the something important comes to mind. “There would be no one to live for her during those coming years, she would for live for herself.” Story of an hour, By Kate Chopin (pg 48) Mr. Mallard’s wife never enjoys her life as a married woman.Unlike other relationships when the wife/husband finds out about a spouse pass away 6 months to a year maybe even more, depending on how strong the relationship was. But on the other hand Louise grief only last her for about 5 minutes, it’s kind of weird how it was over so quick. The Mrs. had no feelings for her husband at all. The important thing was now that she is now free. “Was she trapped in this marriage?” For instance the fact that she is a young woman do you think she was forced into this marriage and eventually became trapped in it. From the story i was informed that Mr. Mallard loved his wife very much.Mrs. Mallard seems to also have a heart problem which was mention in the story. That is why when her sister came to give Mrs. Mallard the bad news she did it very gentle as possible. I am curious of what kind of heart problem she had. Did it have something to do with emotion or psychological. I would say she probably never express herself in the marriage, so hearing that he was gone, she found her way. When she came to her senses she decides to walk down the steps to get with her sister and Mr. Richards then the front open and “Guess who” Its Mrs. Mallard’s husband Brently Mallard. Apparently he was never dead. Seeing her husband causes Mrs. Mallard to die of what the doctors’ say is a “heart disease – of joy that kills. Would you consider this being karma. It’s seems as if Mrs. Mallard was selfish, being ungrateful. To have good man and when you hear bad news you get excited because now you are free. Concluding, the roller coaster of emotions was to extreme for Louise’s’ fragile heart to bear, leaving her no choice but to die with her secret, after all this drama that happens in the one hour. Mrs. Mallard ended up losing her life supposedly over joy. As Kate Chopin describe in her short novel, Story of an hour, Mrs. Mallard attitude throughout the whole story was rounded, in each sentence of the story the more she realize that she no longer had a husband the happier her mind and body allows her to be.“Free! Body and Soul free!” (Page 47). Those unbelievably radical words show her enormous hunger for freedom, her strong wish to be herself again.


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