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Due to campus closure sep27-29, I
am giving you a chance to make up missed hours. I want a personal reflection
paper based on the PHED 1164 how you’ve expressed knowledge to a friend,
family member etc. How has some of the assignments and or book knowledge
effected you good, bad or indifferent. 

I will award 15 points per page with a maximum of 45 points total. If you
submit 2 pages, you will receive 30 points at the tail end of the semester I
will add to your workout hours at the end of May 10th. Please email me
with attachment with subject title: school closure. I am still grading
written assignment and you are to complete your post fitness assessment next
week and have results entered into D2L by how the class has effected you

oct 3 by 10:30 am.class. Be candid, I want to know your gut
feelings from start to present. Share feelings
This is a physical education class.


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