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I’m going to provide you with a book (“Made to Stick”) and based on the book answer these questions :

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all must be in double spaced, 12 times new roman, up to 2 pages.

  • What are the six most common principles of sticky ideas, as identified by our authors?If you pull these directly from the text—make sure to make this clear (see note at bottom of page).
  • Comment on the credibility of our authors.Given their background and experiences, do you find them to be credible sources of this information?Why or why not?
  • What’s the significance of the research described in the section on “Tappers and Listeners”?
  • Share some of the information and examples that you highlighted in your journal entries.Why do you think these examples stood out to you?
  • How do you think marketers or “potential marketers” can use the information in this book?
  • Would you recommend this book to a friend, colleague, or mentor?Why or why not?

(Note and document direct quotations or excerpts from the text.For a long quote–indent and single space–followed by parentheses with page number. For shorter quotes—such as a word or two or a sentence, you may use quotation marks, followed by parentheses w/page number.)

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