personality testing results

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personality testing and pat results in NEO_PI_R

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Application: Personality Testing and Pat

Your personality is a culmination of your biological predisposition, social and cultural background, and experiences. Objectively scored personality tests can highlight many of the hidden aspects of your personality, thus possibly predicting behavior. Review what you know about Pat in light of personality theory and hypothesize how you think Pat might behave in certain situations. The following are the results of Pat’s psychological tests.

NEO-PI-R(a personality model developed from Costa & McCrae’s Five Factor Model in which a 55 and above is a high score, 45–54 is average, and 44 and below is low).

Neuroticism = 75
Extraversion = 32
Openness = 35
Agreeableness = 41
Conscientiousness = 50

MMPI-2 (an atheoretical test of personality for clinical populations in which 65 is clinically elevated)

Validity Scales: No threats to validity.

Hypochondriasis: 55
Depression: 61
Hysteria: 57
Psychopathic Deviate: 45
Masculinity/Femininity:  32
Paranoia: 68
Psychastenia: 40
Schizophrenia: 75
Hypomania: 51
Social Introversion: 68

Submit by Day 7 a paper of 1–3 pages answering the following two questions:

  1. As you review Pat’s results from the NEO-PI-R, what would you expect Pat’s personality to be like? Use the Five Factor Model of personality and Pat’s corresponding results to formulate your answer.
  2. What additional insights can be gained from Pat’s results on the MMPI-2 to explain her personality? 
  3. Pat reports that there were no complications, to her knowledge, with her mother’s pregnancy or delivery. Pat was born after a traditional full-term gestation. However, she said, “The doctor said nothing went wrong with my delivery, but from the beginning  there was something wrong with my leg. I did not walk on my own until I was 3 because of what they called ‘under-developed legs.’ I had orthotics and a lot of rehab therapy, and now I am fine with my legs.”

    Pat reported that her mom told her she stayed in her crib because of her walking difficulties.  When she got the orthotics she walked awkwardly so she often just sat in the middle of the room instead of exploring her surroundings. Pat spoke her first words by age 1 and began forming sentences by age 2. She was potty-trained at the age of 4.

    As Pat is telling you about her developmental history, she pauses and says, “You know, we never talked about how I got along with my family. I was never close to anyone in my family.  My dad left when I was 7, and he was just never there for me. My mom tried, but she was always working and then she got sick, and she was never there for me either. My siblings bolted the house as soon as they turned 16, and I have never been close to them either. My mom and dad fought a lot before he left, and I think us kids all were scared of them a bit.”

    Health Information:

    Pat denied having had surgery or allergies. However, she said, “I’ll probably die from smoking. I have smoked a pack a day since I was 13.” When asked whether she has previously been hospitalized, Pat said, “I have. I do not want to talk about it yet. As I get to know you, maybe we can go there.  All I will tell you now is that I was in the hospital several times, and the last one was when I was 31. I do not think my health is relevant.”

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